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Ruskin's Venice: The Stones Revisited

Страниц: 208
Book DescriptionOf the many foreign travelers who have written about Venice there is none to surpass John Ruskin, the great nineteenthcentury writer, artist and critic, whose massive three-EDITION work The Stones of Venice (1851-3) remains one of the most influential books on art and architecture ever written. Known and read all over the world in Ruskin's lifetime, the Stones surveyed the buildings of Venice and developed an aesthetic and intellectual argument which is still at the heart of the debate on the meaning of architecture and craftsmanship. To mark the centenary of Ruskin's death in 1900, Sarah Quill has compiled an illustrated guide to The Stones of Venice, linking Ruskin's descriptions of individual buildings with a contemporary photographicrecord of the architecture and sculpture as it is seen today. This abridgment excludes interiors and paintings, concentrating on the exterior architecture and sculpture of Venice, all of which may be seen from the street or from the...
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