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Rethink : Cause and Consequences of September 11

Страниц: 584
Book Description September 11 was a departure point that will define our future. Consequently, we have all been forced to rethink, an act that requires introspection and reinterpretation of standard thinking. Rethink, a de.MO project, is a book about history and politics, a book about our lives and about our world and what we are trying to accomplish in it. Rethink confronts our diversity, our stupidity and cleverness, our preoccupations and rage, our laughter and desperate tears, our need for justice and love, our thirst for blood and power, our need to nourish and be nourished, our need to breathe, close our eyes and dream. The contributors to Rethink had the freedom to create their own voices and were encouraged torespond in a manner that would acknowledge the historical events and causes that brought us to September 11. Their varied responses create a document of great interest at a time when politics and values are in tremendous flux. In Rethink, we are...

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