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Sam Stewart Mutabazi

Mob Justice in Uganda:Lack of Faith in the Judicial Process: Communities taking the Law in their hands

Страниц: 96
Mob justice is a silent Monster especially in developing countries. Hundreds of people continue to die without being subjected to legal court prosecution. This book explores the issue of mob justice and tracks the causes of the vice that is common in most African cities towns and rural areas. It tackles the issue from a human rights perspective and can be useful to lawyers, advocates, human rights activists, the police, and the justice sector in general. Although the case study is on Uganda, the issues in the book are applicable to most African situations and is thus recommended to readers in the rest of Sub Saharan countries where mob justice is rampant. The book is an important resource given the fact that there isn't adequate literature on mob justice. It therefore provides an important glimpse into the challenge that continues to threaten the core principle of natural justice where people are supposed to be innocent until proved guilty by competent courts of Law. Academicians,...

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