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Kazuyo Sejima

Hans Ulrich Obrist & Kazuyo Sejima: Conversation Series: Volume 26 (The Conversation Series)

Страниц: 110
Japanese architect Kazuyo Sejima (born 1956) has established her Tokyo studio SANAA, cofounded with Ryue Nishizawa, as one of the art world's favorite architectural teams. SANAA has been responsible for some of the most innovative art museums built over the past two decades, from the New Museum in New York and one of the Serpentine pavilions in London to the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art in Kanazawa, which won the Golden Lion in 2004 as the most significant building at the 9th International Architecture Exhibition at the Venice Biennale. In 2010, Sejima and Nishizawa co-curated the 12th International Architecture Exhibition at the Biennale. Hans Ulrich Obrist caught up with Sejima on several occasions throughout the past few years. They discussed her built and unbuilt projects, her collaborations with other architects and artists and the changing role of women within architecture.

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