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Zhang Qing, Alexandra Munroe, Du Xiaozhen, Yu Hong

Yu Hong: Golden Horizon

Страниц: 132
Beijing-based artist Yu Hong (born 1966) is well known for her large-scale paintings on canvas, silk and sheets of resin, which marry older styles and idioms-from Chinese cave painting to Italian Renaissance frescoes-with imagery from contemporary life in China. Her youthful men and women are frequently depicted as if in mid-air, pitched against luscious monochrome backdrops (sometimes rendered in gold leaf). A prominent figure among those Chinese artists of the 1980s who eschewed the dominant Socialist Realism to explore more psychological terrain, Yu Hong has maintained a commitment to figuration, using its narrative possibilities to explore themes of gender, cultural conditioning, and, increasingly, the visual language of spirituality. Published on the occasion of Yu Hong's major 2011 exhibition at the Shanghai Art Museum, Golden Horizon brings together the artist's recent bodies of work including her newest series of paintings made specifically for this show.

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