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Daisy Das

Quality of life in urban area:: An environmental perspective

Страниц: 156
During the last couple of decades the world has developed technologically, economically and industrially. In spite of remarkable progress, it has been realized that increases in material wealth do not simply improve life quality. But urbanization in developing countries is unplanned. Rather, it is an outcome of sheer demographic expansion and increased pressure on land. As a result there is pressure on existing infrastructural facilities as well as other problems like traffic congestion, solid wastes, pollution and stress on natural resources. There is deterioration in living environment which undermines quality of life (QOL). This book is an attempt to assess QOL in an urban environment. Considering all issues found in relevant QOL studies, a framework has been constructed which places QOL as the central focus and takes into account interaction between men and environment. The book may help researchers in social sciences to understand QOL. The study assumes significance in the...

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7 советов профессионального фотографа моды Adriana Curcio

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