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Robert Bissett

The Planar Head Workbook: Build A Life-size Human Head

Страниц: 72
Have you ever wanted to draw or paint the human head? If you have tried it you probably have already discovered that faces are just about the most difficult thing there is to do. Proportions and perspective have to be right. You want to get a likeness with the right expression. The slightest pencil mark or brush stroke can make an amazing difference. How do you reach this high level of skill ? Working from life is the best way. Photos are fine for reference, but you need to develop a feel for the three dimensional form. So, find a friend or family member who is willing and able to sit perfectly still for hours at a time and get started practicing! Cana??t think of anyone? Ok, hire a professional model. Youa??d soon go broke unless you are part of the 1%. The traditional path to portrait success starts with working from plaster casts for obvious reasons. Even better is to begin with a planar heada?¦the human head broken up into planes which simplifies the task of converting a 3D...

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