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Adam Wikierski


Страниц: 80
'Amazonia- my journey into the unknown' This is a story in pictures about following your own dream, exploring this beautiful nature and visiting people of the Amazon Rainforest, it is also a project created by the author, Adam Wikierski who is concerned about the indigenous environment and indigenous groups who live throughout the entire Amazon. Adam's huge love of nature and exciting expeditions into the unknown, take the Polish author on a long journey into a different world, where people live in harmony within their surrounding ecosystem. Despite the difficulties he met on the way, Adam did not give up on his dream journey. Against all the odds to capture amazing moments, he goes further by heading deep into the jungle, meeting the indigenous groups in their habitat. As he says the book is his little touch to save the Amazon, and last call to open people's eyes to other unique cultures that lives in the forest. As we read, we follow Adam's journey to discover about his...

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7 советов профессионального фотографа моды Adriana Curcio

7 советов профессионального фотографа моды Adriana Curcio

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