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Wassily Kandinsky

Concerning the Spiritual in Art

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In Concerning the spiritual in art, Kandinsky compares the spiritual life of humanity to a large triangle similar to a pyramid; the artist has the task and the mission of leading others to the top by the exercise of his talent. The point of the triangle is constituted only by some individuals who bring the sublime bread to other people. It is a spiritual triangle which moves forwards and rises slowly, even if it sometimes remains immobile. During decadent periods, souls fall to the bottom of the Triangle and men only search for external success and ignore purely spiritual forces. When we look at colours on the paintera??s palette, a double effect happens: a purely physical effect on the eye, charmed by the beauty of colours firstly, which provokes a joyful impression as when we eat a delicacy. But this effect can be much deeper and causes an emotion and a vibration of the soul, or an inner resonance, which is a purely spiritual effect, by which the colour touches the soul itself. ...

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18 декабря 2010: Мастер-класс Михаила Тарасова в New School Photo College
Я думаю, не надо объснять кто это и как он пришел к такому мастерству. Просто хотим пригласить всех, кто давно хотел узнать секреты автора.  Программа семинара: 1. Сначала Михаил расскажет о композиции в своих работах. Размещение объекта на фотографии, использование соотношение сторон 3:2, 6:6, использование рамок.

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