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Wm. B. Norman

American Antiquities: Auction Catalogue, January 8, 1898

Страниц: 34
The Archaeological Collection described in the following pages was formed by a well-known Collector, who now, for private reasons, relinquishes the pleasurable pursuit which for so many years engrossed his moments of leisure. Every specimen in the Collection was selected with deliberate discrimination, with the view of exemplifying the best forms of arms and implements conceived and fashioned by the pre-historic man of that part of the North American Continent embraced within the present United States. Such objects are of great interest and value to all those interested in this branch of Archaeology, and the opportunity offered of adding perfect specimens, at their own price, to their cabinets, is one seldom occurring. Among the objects of marked interest will be found a Wampum Treaty Belt; a large number of Ceremonial Pipes, including some very rare forms; various objects in hematite, obsidian, copper, etc.; the rare Idols from Arizona; Incas Temple Vases in beaten silver from the...

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