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James R. Holland

Politics: Puns & Parody

Страниц: 66
This limited edition, 11 X 14 inch hardback book contains a collection of beautiful four-color reproductions of political cartoons and parodies of politicians that were done with a camera rather than the more traditional tools of brush and paint or pen and ink. This particular method of using a camera to create political cartoons is unique and apparently has not been previously done in the long history of photography. Unlike changing photographs through the use of PhotoShop or cutting and pasting as an after-effects manipulation process, these editorial cartoons were visualized and set up before any exposures were made. They are deliberately simple in design and not meant to look like actual news scenes, but political cartoons or obvious parodies. They are related more to the realm of puppet shows, department store window display art and the world of the theater or a combination of all those art forms rather than exclusively to photography. A much less expensive, non-collectable...


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