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Gerhard Trieb

Berlin: Zwischen Geschichte Und Zukunft/Between History and the Future/Entre Historia Y Futuro

Страниц: 56
Book DescriptionContemporary architecture has transformed Berlin like no other city in Europe--but the depth and breadth of its effect can be fully appreciated only upon consideration of its interplay with the historic and classic modernist buildings that populate the city. Berlin considers not only the city's magnificent historic buildings and numerous examples of the new architecture that has been raised in the last decade, but also takes a look forward into the city's future. Essays by Gerhard Trieb, Barbara Straka, Jeannol Simmen and Tomas Friedman. Foreword by G. T. Bernd Latzel and Hannel Auer. Paperback , 9.5 x 12.5 in., 56 Pages, 120 color illustrations


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