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Francis Crosby

IMAGES OF WAR - D-DAY : Rare Photographs from Wartime Archives (D-Day)

Страниц: 112
Book DescriptionThis is a spectacular photographic record of the D-Day invasion that captures many different aspects of the air, sea and military campaign. A great majority of photographs are unlikely to have been seen by the general public and they havebeen superbly reproduced directly from original negatives held by national archives in Britain and the USA. Lengthy captions describe the action portrayed in each photo and an introduction puts D-Day into its historical perspective. The book follows the invasion as it develops and contains chapters on Preparation, The Landings, Establishing the Beach-head, Moving Inland and Sustaining the Advance. Francis Crosby works for a national museum in Britain and has had access to enormous wartime archives. He has written extensively on historic aviation and has had five books published on the subject as well as acting as a consultant for the media and publishing industry


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18 декабря 2010: Мастер-класс Михаила Тарасова в New School Photo College
Я думаю, не надо объснять кто это и как он пришел к такому мастерству. Просто хотим пригласить всех, кто давно хотел узнать секреты автора.  Программа семинара: 1. Сначала Михаил расскажет о композиции в своих работах. Размещение объекта на фотографии, использование соотношение сторон 3:2, 6:6, использование рамок.

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